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Auto body mechanic at Car Care Auto Body & Refinishing

Quality Work That Lasts, Guaranteed

At Care Care Auto Body & Refinishing in Campbell, CA, we’re confident in every job we complete. Our team works tirelessly to make sure your car leaves in excellent condition, which is why we offer warranties to our customers. You should be able to drive your vehicle worry-free as soon as your repairs are finished.

The Care Care Auto Body Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Car Care Auto Body Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to all repairs performed by our facility, as well as repairs subleted by Car Care Autobody to third-party providers. If a defect in workmanship is noted or observed, we will remedy such defect(s) in workmanship by repairing, repainting, or refinishing the specific defective components, parts, sections, or repair operations at no charge to you.

  • Limited lifetime warranty on all workmanship
  • Limited lifetime paint guarantee on all paint

Parts Warranty

The parts and materials we use to repair your vehicle will be covered to the extent of any warranty or guarantee provided by the respective parts supplier and/or manufacturer.
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Exclusions & Disclaimers

The Car Care Autobody Limited Lifetime Warranties only applies to work performed by Car Care Auto Body & Refinishing, or subleased to third-party providers.

The following are specifically excluded from coverage under the Car Care Autobody Lifetime Limited Warranty:
● Pre-existing conditions/Pre-accident damage
● Damage resulting from negligence or misuse of the vehicle and everyday care
● Normal wear and tear of the vehicle resulting from everyday driving and usage

This warranty is non-transferable, is a complete and exclusive statement between Car Care Auto Body & Refinishing and the customer, and contains all representation of the parties.

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Windshield repair services at Car Care Auto Body & Refinishing

For your next auto body repair, paint job, or anything in between—call the pros at Car Care Auto Body & Refinishing.

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